"I've never seen a funnier Shakespeare production than Gaines's Comedy,

or a better Shakespeare company than Chicago Shakespeare.

Beat that, Broadway!"

-Wall Street Journal

The Comedy of Errors

Chicago Shakespeare Theater  /  Chicago, IL



Best Production of a Play: The Comedy of Errors

Best Director of a Play: Barbara Gaines

Best New Adaptation: Ron West



Outstanding Regional Theatre

Chicago Shakespeare Theater

"The slapstick alone is worth the price of the ticket - I've never seen a crazier food fight - and the performances are uniformly outstanding. The trouble is that it would be unfair to single out anyone else for special mention, since everybody in the show is worthy of lavish and heartfelt praise. So I'll leave it at this: I've never seen a funnier Shakespeare production than Ms. Gaines's Comedy Of Errors, or a better Shakespeare company than Chicago Shakespeare. Beat that, Broadway!"
-The Wall Street Journal

“...a sexy young ingénue named Angela Ingersoll in her flattering red dress and strappy red high heels threatens to disrupt the entire production with just her lissome presence.”
-Shaltz Shakespeare Reviews

"This big, gorgeous production has an aureate glow, like a perfect machine of a Broadway musical with iambic pentameter instead of songs. The cast is packed with star turns... A piece of expert entertainment, Comedy warms its audience in the feeling of dozens of top professionals teaming up across centuries, for no other purpose than to delight."
-Centerstage Chicago

"Kymberly Mellen as Adriana/Veronica Marsh and Angela Ingersoll as Luciana/Alice Boggs look and act to perfection."
-Steadstyle Chicago

"The performances are terrifically detailed, all the way to background easter eggs like the off-camera flirtation of Angela Ingersoll and Dan Sanders-Joyce."
-Time Out Chicago

"Finally, my favorite 'value-added' bit is the choice to give Emerson Furbelow, the actor playing Antipholus of Syracuse, halitosis. After seeing Alice (Angela Ingersoll) complain about it, the scene where he comes on to Luciana gains an extra layer of humor, as Alice tries to convey both Luciana's horror at her brother-in-law's proposals and her (Alice's) own disgust at Emerson. Angela Ingersoll made the most of Luciana, by the way, giving her 'I'm watching other actors doing lines' moments tons of heart and enjoyment. In particular, I like the growling anger she shows at one or the other Antipholus' outrageous lies."
-Digital Sextant

Production Photos: Chicago Shakespeare Theater