"The best Judy Garland Chicago ever saw. Barring the real one.

Ingersoll soared... Simply magnificent... What a performance!"

-Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun-Times: Super Troupers

Showbiz couples learn to cope when parts keep them apart – and bring them back together again

…Like Cudia and Voytko, the Ingersolls met on the stage; they were asked to prepare the marriage proposal scene from The Importance of Being Earnest for a regional theater. It wasn’t long before they were rehearsing their own marriage proposal scene.


Spotlight on the Ingersolls: Vision, Persistence

It’s hard to imagine actors with this much talent attributing their success to “perseverance” and “discipline.” But that’s exactly what Michael and Angela Ingersoll say when asked by Metropolis Insider…

Angela relays, “You don’t have to be the most talented or beautiful or the smartest. You have to do everything you can to make it happen for yourself.”


RSVP Magazine: She’s a Star

CENTER STAGE: She’s known her passion forever: the desire to be center stage, in the heat of the lights, acting and singing her heart out. “I remember being three years old, taking my clothes off and saying, ‘Look, I’m Gypsy Rose Lee.'” While the stages have changed and the costumes have been a bit more complete, the passion of theatre and the drama of drama have stayed right in the heart of Ingersoll.

Know The Score: Music in Memphis

AI: The element of surprise in that is what I like, because we can be having a very realistic conversation, and suddenly one of us gets an idea that sends us into a rhapsody. All of the sudden you’re carried into all of these feelings and emotions coming from musical exploration. I really enjoy that about musical theatre. And then come back, to the simplicity of going on with regular life. But all these things are inside of you!


Man of La Mancha on NPR Station WKNO

Live Lunch Broadcast: Host Kacky Walton interviews Angela Ingersoll on her award-nominated role as Aldonza in Man Of La Mancha, live from the stage of Playhouse on the Square. Topics include Cervantes, compliments, and corsets.

Up Close with Wizard of Oz Star

F & F Magazine: Without forcing you to become too philosophical, why do you think this show has had such a profound effect on the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community?

Ingersoll: I think many in the LGBT community can identify with that child who feels no one at home understands them and must forge out into the world to find their own identity. And once they get out into the world, realizing they can’t use the tools they were given growing up, must now utilize new tools as they’re discovered. Even the ‘home’ everyone is looking for is simply the realization that you must be comfortable with yourself.


Commercial Appeal Feature

I’m Angela Groeschen, No. 621

One part of her audition was risky, the bit of a bad actress acting badly. “If they didn’t laugh, I’d fall flat on my face. But they did.” Angela has put in long hours on stage in a variety of roles and knows what works. “You want, in 90 seconds, to fulfill their expectations about you. You can show versatility later.”

She is up for this. Enthusiastic and focused. Still a bit nervous. Talks a mile a minute.