"Ingersoll is simply stunning as Nin,

whose life is a maze of men and hidden longing…

Ingersoll is sensational."

-Chicago Sun-Times

The Mistress Cycle

Apple Tree/Auditorium Theatre  /  Chicago, IL



Best Actress in a Revue

Angela Ingersoll, The Mistress Cycle

“Anais Nin is played with vixenish vigor by Angela Ingersoll in the standout performance amongst a sturdy cast.”
-New City Stage

“Short and precise, a revue serves as an intimate platform for powerhouse performances. Ample evidence of this is at Apple Tree Theatre, where a sharp, engaging new work, The Mistress Cycle, is setting the stage ablaze. All of the performances are top-notch, but it’s McMonagle and Ingersoll who bring extra punch to their characters. Ingersoll is simply stunning as Nin, whose life is a maze of men and hidden longing… Ingersoll is sensational here, particularly in her rendering of ‘Papa’.”
-Chicago Sun Times

“This remarkable 90-minute revue allows five superb singers/actors to portray seminal and scandalous courtesans... Angela Ingersoll radiates light and heat as Anais Nin.”
-Chicago Free Press

“A sensuous delight in every connotation of the word… This is a tour de force for the cast. Special attention must be called to Ingersoll, who steps into the shoes of unapologetic vixen Anais Nin with liberated gusto, drawing the largest number of laughs from the enthusiastic crowd... The busty Anais Nin exudes sex in her voluptuous red gown.”
-Edge Chicago

“A must-see for lovers and supporters of new musicals… The main reason to see this show is to enjoy the emotional intensity of these richly connected actresses and to appreciate the beauty of their harmonies… These ensemble performances are, without exception, both beguiling and beautifully sung… Ingersoll bends happily into the role of the show’s most overt seductress — not all mistresses are motivated by sex, but then not all mistresses are Nin.”
-Chicago Tribune

“What is most intriguing about this 90 minute tour de force is the interaction of the cast members, who as an ensemble create the best of female musical theatre actresses working today. Most fascinating to watch throughout the show is Ms. Ingersoll… With her impeccable French/English accent and her intricate poses which she hold for minutes without moving is a testament to the Strasberg method of truth.”
-Chicago Pride

Production Photos: Apple Tree Theatre