"Watching the four performers in David New’s seamlessly played,

physically thrilling, brilliantly realized production,

I’d call The 39 Steps a tour de force ballet...

 a demonically demanding, laugh-out-loud frolic."

-Chicago Sun-Times

The 39 Steps

Drury Lane Theatre  /  Chicago, IL

"Watching the four performers in director David New’s seamlessly played, physically thrilling, brilliantly realized production at Drury Lane, I’d call The 39 Steps a tour de force ballet... The delicious Angela Ingersoll easily reinvents the art of unclipping stockings from a garter belt... All in all, a demonically demanding, laugh-out-loud frolic."
-Chicago Sun-Times

"The 39 Steps is so much funnier than you can imagine... There are four very flexible and talented actors on the stage most of the time. They fill the stage with a physically demanding performance that would be hard to pull off once, let alone 8 performances a week... Angela Ingersoll plays three very different characters with perfect pitch."
- Chicago Now

"Brilliantly executed to thoroughly delightful effect by a lithe and enormously skilled quartet comprised of Jeff Dumas, Paul Kalina, Peter Simon Hilton, and Angela Ingersoll.
-Daily Herald

"With dozens of characters played by less than a handful of acrobatic actors, this show highlights physical comedy at a level seldom seen on stage or screen... The John Cleese-like, handsome and lanky British actor Peter Simon Hilton is paired with the sultry and agile Angela Ingersoll as his love interest. The two hit a stride that seems unsustainable. But sustain they do... This is a wonderful night of theater that will leave you laughing and amazed by what the actors have just accomplished."

"What elevates this basically silly play to triumphant heights is the astonishing quick-change artistry executed by Angela Ingersoll (the sole woman), Jeff Dumas (Clown 1) and Paul Kalina (Clown 2). Their genius at switching characters, and genders, in the blinking of an eye is a continuous wonder and had the opening night audience hooting their approval. The skill at donning and discarding costumes, wigs, and accents could make the show a one-joke exercise, but the humor and dexterity of the quick changing is continuously fresh and right on schedule every moment."
-Stage and Cinema

"The maximum entertainment is in the virtuosic displays of physical comedy and the shape-shifting shenanigans of a four-person cast playing too many roles to count. Angela Ingersoll displays a fine comic range and an equally solid grasp of the sort of physical funny business demanded when one must perform handcuffed to another performer for an extended period of time."
-Doings Sun-Times

"Angela Ingersoll not only plays sultry Schmidt with enormous verve, but also successfully takes on two additional female roles: a winsome Scottish farm wife and Hannay’s ultimate feisty love interest... The 39 Steps deservedly won two Tonys in 2008 and this production is equally award worthy. Not to be missed."
-Chicago Critic

"A physical farce that almost defies gravity... Leading lady, the lovely and very talented (as well as sexy) Angela Ingersoll, is a delight... An agile cast makes this show THE complete production that audiences will rave about for a long time. Best 'bang for your buck' in town or in fact, any town!"
-Around the Town Chicago

"Sole female cast member Angela Ingersoll's sense of fun is infectious as she vamps it up, plays it sweet and gets sassy."
-Chicago Theatre Beat

"This fast-paced Hitchcock homage leaves the audience breathless... Lovely Angela Ingersoll, making her Drury Lane debut, plays three very different, quite funny characters... It’s the finely-tuned combined creativity and close partnership between director, actors, lighting, sound, set and costume technicians that work together making this an entertaining 39 Steps."
-Centerstage Chicago

The 39 Steps Clip. Drury Lane Theatre.

The 39 Steps Opening Night. Drury Lane Theatre.

Production Photos: Drury Lane Theatre